Hertfordshire’s former Deputy Police Crime Commissioner has been suspended from the Conservative party candidate list after retweeting an Adolf Hitler quote.

Rachel Frosh stepped down from her £20,000, two-day a year role on Wednesday after being roundly criticised for retweeting a post which drew a parallel between Hitler’s National Socialist Party and modern day socialists.

Writing on her blog this morning, she announced her suspension by Conservative Central Headquarters (CCHQ):

"In regard to the Conservative Party, they have done the right thing. "I wouldn’t have used those words personally, and if I’d applied the brain more I probably wouldn’t have done a retweet but a reply instead.

"A retweet isn’t an endorsement - and I wasn’t endorsing his quote, but the discussion point that in 1927 Hitler was calling his party socialist.

"CCHQ are right to suspend me from the candidates list (I’m still a loyal member), pending finding the out all the facts.

"The Party should be sensitive on issues like this. I would rather they over-react than under react."

Dr Frosh added that she expects to be re-instated once the party review her actions.