David Tennant is filming in Chorleywood today.

The Doctor Who star is recording scenes for BBC1's forthcoming legal thriller, The Escape Artist, in Dog Kennel Lane.

The three-part drama also stars Ashley Jensen and was created and written by David Wolstencroft.

Each episode will be one hour long and is set in the world of criminal law.

Tennant plays Will Burton, a junior barrister who specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname "The Escape Artist".

Production crews have been filming since January 31, and this is their first day filming around Chorleywood Common.

"The law often seems like an intellectual exercise", said Wolstencroft. "But scratch under the surface, and it’s all blood and guts.

"I wanted to write a thriller set in the legal world that’s as much about those primal feelings as it is about the twists and turns of the case."