Neglected residential roads in Bushey are becoming increasingly dangerous, according to concerned locals.

Clarks Mead and Catsey Lane are among the roads that are left in tatters from the past few years of particularly harsh winter weather.

There are 3,000 miles of roads and pavements in Hertfordshire and, while priority is often given to the main roads, with about 40 per cent being gritted when it snows, quieter, residential areas are becoming more awkward to drive on.

Koyes Choudhury, 63, of Clarks Mead, said the road where he lives has been difficult to drive on for the past two years.

The property businessman has lived in Bushey for more than 30 years and living in Clarks Mead for ten.

Mr Choudhury said: "We need the resurfacing done and we need a better footpath. We have lots of elderly people at the top of the road and it is becoming very dangerous in the bad weather."

He added: "The council say it is in the programme, but when it will be done, we don’t know. We would like something to be done as soon as possible."

Councillor Seamus Quilty said in order to fix the roads, money would have to be spent from the Highways locality grant budget.

Councillor Quilty added: "It doesn’t mean that Clarks Mead doesn’t need anything doing to it, as possibly it does, but one has to prioritise."

Mother-of-three, Juliett Rowley, 40, has lived in Clarkes Mead for six years.

Ms Rowley said: "It would be really nice of the council to fix the road and make sure it is gritted just like the other surrounding roads."

It is not just Clarks Mead that has seen a decline in the quality of its road over the past few years.

Councillor Linda Silver said she has had many concerned residents coming to her about Catsey Lane.

She said she feels very strongly that Catsey Lane should be resurfaced and it needs to be done soon.

Councillor Silver added: "It has become a particular nightmare because it has holes in it and gets very icy in the winter, making the holes even deeper.

"I feel very strongly that it has been sitting on a list for too many years."

The County Council has re-launched its online highways fault reporting system.

To log highway faults call 0300 123 4047 or visit the Herts Direct website.