WATFORD Conservatives have selected their new parliamentary candidate using a new process.

Ian Oakley, 29, of Ryeland Close, Hillingdon, will now stand for the tories at the next general election.

His selection last night (Thursday) was made through an new, open primary system.

Mr Oakley and the other hopefuls, Jeremy Brier, Dr Richard Evans and Mimi Harker, were all questioned before a public meeting, open to anyone registered to vote in Watford.

Everyone who attended the meeting, even those who are not members of the Conservative party, were then given a vote on who should be the next candidate.

It is believed, however, only a small number of people who attended the meeting were not card-carrying Conservatives.

After winning the vote by a significant majority, Mr Oakley's candidacy was then agreed by the Watford Conservative Association.

Had the association not agreed with the public vote, the selection process would have begun again.

In practice this would mean the association once more inviting applications for the post.

Speaking after selection, Mr Oakley, who managed previous candidate, Ali Miraj's campaign, said he planned to win Watford through "99 per cent perspiration and ten per cent inspiration."