Politicians and transport bosses are currently discussing what names to give the two new Metropolitan Line stations due to be built in West Watford as part of the Croxley Rail Link.

London Underground is in negotiations with Watford Borough and Three Rivers District councils over what to call the stations planned for Ascot Road and Vicarage Road.

Watford’s elected mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, said the Vicarage Road station was most likely to be called "Vicarage Road" as it was a recognisable name outside of the town.

However, transport bosses had expressed displeasure about Ascot Road being eponymously named due to their already being an Ascot station in Berkshire.

The name currently under consideration for that station is Cassio Bridge, due to the station’s proximity to the bridge over the Grand Union Canal.

Watford Observer:

Mayor Thornhill said: "We have been looking at the station names.

"We thought ‘Vicarage Road’, as everyone knows that.

"Other options were the hospital’s name (Watford General) or West Watford.

"Ascot Road at the moment we are struggling with.

"The transport people don’t want us to use Ascot Road because of Ascot [in Berkshire].

"We are suggesting Cassio Bridge Station because of the connection with the canal."

Preliminary work on the £118m project to extend the Metropolitan Line into Watford began this week with ecological surveys being carried out.

The new line, which is expected to be operational by 2016, will run from Croxley station through the two new stations in Ascot Road and Vicarage Road, before heading through Watford High Street Station and terminating at Watford Junction.

Construction of the new link, which will include building a new viaduct over the A412 and Grand Union Canal, will begin in 2014 subject to ministerial approval.