A man has complained to the Watford branch of Poundland after a leaking bottle of bleach purchased in the store burnt his arm and ruined his clothes.

Ross Maidens visited the high street chain on June 18, and says he only noticed the bottle was leaking after he’d paid for the bleach and left the shop.

The 37-year-old, of Orphanage Road, said: "I noticed when I was out of the shop because I could feel my arm burning. The bottle was leaking from the bottom and had gone all over my arm and my t-shirt.

"Any children or babies in buggies could have leant over and touched that bottle. It is a real health risk."

Mr Maidens went back to the store and was told to get in touch with the customer service team to discuss compensation. However, he said the company initially refused to accept responsibility. He said: "I contacted them but they are saying they are not willing compensate."

A Poundland spokesperson said: "Our colleagues are trained to remove products from our shelves that have been damaged.

"Unfortunately, in this incident the product had been picked up by the customer before it could be disposed of. We have a customer information notice in all stores that highlights that liquids should be kept upright and placed into a basket at all times."