A Watford man who went missing on Father’s Day was found having hanged himself in woodland, shortly after the death of his own father.

Jason Bowers, of Exchange Road, was discovered by police following an extensive search of the woodland area in the Munden Estate, Watford, an inquest heard yesterday.

The 39-year-old went missing on June 16 and officers found his body on June 24. Although the exact date of death is not known, he was thought to have been dead for some time.

At the time Mr Bowers went missing, the former forklift truck driver had recently lost his father whom he was "very close to" and lived with. Following his father’s death in March, Mr Bowers was forced to move into a homeless shelter.

During the inquest, Mr Bowers' mother, Maggie Bowers, said the date her son went missing was significant as it was both Father’s Day and his brother’s birthday.

She added: "He had a fried breakfast which was his favourite and a roast dinner. I said to a friend I had a bad feeling though."

In evidence read out at the inquest Dr Mark Sembler, Mr Bowers’ GP, said Mr Bowers had come to see him on May 1 complaining of feeling depressed and not being able to sleep. Dr Sembler said he found Mr Bowers to be experiencing a natural grieving process. He came to see his GP again on May 15 and said he was "feeling much better" but was still having trouble sleeping.

Speaking after the inquest, Mrs Bowers said: "He was a good bloke and he would help anyone out. We are all still coming to terms with it. Most of the family couldn’t come today because they were just too upset. He was very close to his dad and we think the date he went missing was very significant."

Coroner Edward Thomas said that Mr Bowers took his own life.