Residents living near the Warner Bros. studios have complained about "inconsiderate" late night filming keeping them awake at night.

The studios in Leavesden, which were where the Harry Potter films were produced, have warned locals of night filming that will include smoke and flame effects.

The scheduled nights of shooting involved the use of a PA system as well as film lighting at high levels and special effects, including smoke, flames, wind and wave machines.

Simon Jokiel, who lives in Abbots Langley, said he was considering lodging a complaint against the studios.

He added: "For the last few weeks the sound of motors and loud speakers have been heard all through the night. A few weeks ago it was heard at 11pm and then again at 4am I was woken up and yet again I have to go to work tired. 

"Surely this is illegal and a breach of our civil rights. I didn't move to Abbots Langley for this. I refer to the councils section on noise pollution, other industries have time restrictions and noise levels so surely this should imply to film studios."

Watford Observer:

Filming going on at the studio.

The studios have two productions scheduled to film through the night during October and November and both will be based in the studio back lot.

Emily Lacey, from Abbots Langley, said: "I only really hear people talking through a megaphone and I live by spar in Abbots Langley so that's quite far from the studios.

"I can hear it very clearly and it just keeps me up at night because they start making quite a lot of noise at about 2 o’ clock in the morning. And when everyone has to be up at about 6:30 to 7 in the morning it’s quite inconsiderate. I think it wouldn't be so bad if they did it in on a Friday or Saturday night."

Oliver Greetham, director of studio operations, said: "We have been working with the productions to reduce the impact on the local neighbourhood especially with regard to the use of a PA system, which is needed due to the size of the current shoot and health and safety requirements.

"We are continuing to work with the production to come up with an alternative, however, at present it is the only system that meets all the production’s requirements."