Sewage and water swamped part of a West Hyde road in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Resident, George Rawlinson, saw the dirty water running down the hill and gathering outside his Old Uxbridge Road home at 6.50am.

The 61-year-old, who runs a lawn mower repair business from his house, has been affected by flooding outside his property, which sits at the bottom of a hill, many times before.

He said: "Unfortunately we are at the lowest point in the road and I knew we didn’t have any rain the night before. The first thing that occurred to me was ‘blimey, don’t tell me it’s happened again’.

"It happened to us twice last year, in March and July, and the last time it happened we got around two foot of flooding and I had to close my business for three days and we were really damaged by that."

Mr Rawlinson, who has lived at the property for more than 20 years, said the flooding in his road "has got progressively worse" over time.

As well as contacting Hertfordshire County Council and Thames Water to report the escalating floods, Mr Rawlinson said he contemplated taking action himself and blocking the road to stop cars from travelling past his home and making the flooding worse.

He said: "All we know so far is that the road is flooded, we’re not sure how yet but the drains round here need some work because they’re not working properly. The one next door has concrete in it from building works years ago and a lot of our problems would be alleviated if that drain was sorted out."

Becky Trotman, spokesman for Thames Water, said an engineer has visited the area and that, while they could see that there was water running down the side of the road, at the time he was there, nothing was spilling from the manhole and levels in the sewer were high but not a problem.

She said: "Unfortunately groundwater levels are still very high in West Hyde and the surrounding area despite there having been little rain recently. We’re working closely with the local authority and the Environment Agency to conduct a study on the impact this groundwater has on our sewer network and have had a team working in the area for the last two weeks gathering information. The data will help us look at options for easing sewer flooding problems in the future.

"We sympathise with everyone who has been affected by this issue and are doing what we can to help."