Plans have been submitted for two new housing developments on a Watford estate - but residents say they’re already in desperate need of more parking.

One application seeks to build 46 new one, two and three bed homes consisting of two-to-three storey buildings together with new shop, community facilities including community gardens, parking and landscaping on the eastern side of the Boundary Way Estate.

The plans are to demolish 24 flats, a shop, a community building and garages and associated hard landscaping to make way for the new development.

A second planning application has been lodged for the same estate to knock down seven garages and put up 16 new one and two bed homes consisting of two storey buildings, split over four separate areas, with associated parking and landscaping.

Residents held a meeting on Thursday to sign a letter of objection regarding the developments.

Organiser Mick Fox said residents felt they had been misled about the plans.

He said: "Initially we thought they were going to knock down the garages because of the parking problem we have here.

"We thought more open space would be fantastic.

"But then we found out they were going to build flats there.

"We haven’t been listened to.

"I definitely feel misled, if not lied to.

"This is going to create more of a parking problem on the estate. There’s going to be more people looking for spaces.

"The people behind this don’t seem to be on the same planet as everyone else."

Mr Fox also said it would be nice to have more green spaces in the estate, rather than adding more buildings.

The Watford Community Housing Trust lodged the application to knock down the garages.

Euan Barr, the trust’s head of new business, said: "We have been consulting with Boundary Way residents about regenerating the area since 2012.

"We now have a proposal to invest £8 million in improvements which will provide a new heart to the estate, a more open and accessible layout, increased space for car parking and much-needed new homes for local people.

"We believe it will lead to a better environment for everyone living at Boundary Way.

"While we cannot address every concern in the consultation process, we do take residents’ views on board and this has meant several changes to the designs in the two years we have been discussing the project.

"The planning application was submitted at the natural conclusion of our consultation exercise, and we have encouraged local residents to share their views not only with us, but also with their local authority."

The Abbots Langley Parish Council is set to consider both applications at the Planning and Highways Committee meeting on April 30.