Double yellow lines appeared overnight along a road in Watford Business Park to the anger of workers who use the street for overflow parking.

People working in the West Watford park objected to the lines painted on Caxton Way this week saying it’s penalising the local workforce.

Linda Geddes, facilities manager for Newsquest, works at the company’s Observer House on Caxton Way.

She said: "The building was only allowed 60 parking spaces, even though 200 people worked here at the time.

"Despite having a system where drivers can double park in our own carpark, some people still have to leave their cars on the road.

"This is just another way drivers are being penalised.

"During the consultation for making these changes we thought the lines would only appear on the corners of the road - nothing like this. It's an absolute nightmere."

Company receptionist Mandy Williams added: "We have lost five spaces at least from the yellow lines being on the sideroad.

"There's not enough spaces for the people who work on this park - look at the Royal Mail workers, many of whom seem to park on the road."

Hertfordshire County Council defended the new rules saying the current parking situation was obstructing pedestrians and damaging the pavements.

Andrew Dawson, spokesman for Herts County Council, said: "We carried out a study in December 2012 to investigate the problem of vehicles parking on pavements at Watford Business Park, causing obstructions to pedestrians and damage to the footway.

"This concluded that the introduction of a one-way traffic system, coupled with intermittent restricted parking, would improve both traffic flow and safety. These parking restrictions include double yellow lines on Caxton Way."

Signs for the new one-way system are in place on the road, but remain covered up.

Mr Dawson continued that the aim of the new restrictions was to encourage business park users to use public transport.

He said: "The one-way system will free up more space to provide parking on the road without the need to encroach on the pavement. This will take the form of open stretches of road with no form of waiting or parking restrictions along Greenhill Crescent and Caxton Way.

"These enhancements are to be installed alongside a northbound contra-flow cycle facility along Greenhill Crescent as well as associated improvements to traffic signs, bus stops and road markings. This is all with the aim of encouraging modes of transport other than cars."

Users of Watford Business Park were invited to take part in a consultation last year.

The county council said they have dropped the introduction of pay and display parking bays was from the scheme as a result of the feedback. Mr Dawson said: "We have advertised the proposals on site and further information will be sent to local businesses this month ahead of the scheme’s completion."

A string of new restrictions for Caxton Way and Greenhill Crescent are set to be enforced ahead of a new railway station opening in Ascot Road, as part of the Croxley Rail Link.

In addition to waiting restrictions, workers will face a one-way system in the previously unrestricted business park.