A road in Bushey Heath has been labelled a "death trap" by a local resident who has had to "dive" into nearby bushes to avoid being hit by lorries.

Diana Levy lives in Titain Avenue and every morning completes a power walk along a 50m stretch of Elstree Road, which currently does not have any parking restrictions.

Ms Levy said that pedestrians are at risk of passing vehicles because the road is packed of parked cars, meaning passing traffic has to drive near the pavement.

Ms Levy said: "It’s ludicrous. The road is a death trap and it is only a matter of time before an accident happens.

"There are no parking restrictions on the road, so cars park along the road which means it effectively becomes single traffic.

"In the morning and at around 3.20pm it is at its worst.

"It is also awful on a Friday morning when the bins are also on the pavement. The whole thing is chaos."

Ms Levy said large vehicles passing have to get close to the pavement, which is a "hazard" to pedestrians.

The 56-year-old yoga teacher continued: "On two occasions I have had to dive to avoid being hit by a lorry mirror. It was inches away, and could have caused a serious accident.

"I have contacted the council who said they may consider parking restrictions in a year if there is funding.

"The situation is made worse by the development in Windmill Lane, because it means there are a large number of lorries.

"I have lived in Bushey for over 25 years and have been power walking every morning for around 15 years.

"The solution is simple. The council needs to paint double yellow lines outside of the school so that pedestrians are not put at risk.

"The situation has never been as bad as it is now and I hope something is done very soon for the safety of pedestrians.

"With the school nearby it is a worry that someone could be injured.

"No one cares about pedestrians or ever thinks of them. This situation is dangerous. People should be safe to walk the streets."

Tom Shipp at Hertfordshire County Council said: "We receive many applications for waiting restrictions and these have to be assessed in terms of priority.

"We have investigated the concerns around Immanuel College, on Elstree Road, and the next stage is to consider whether the introduction of waiting restrictions will be something the county council takes forward.

"If this is determined to be a priority, the next stage will be a public consultation. We should know by the end of May what the outcome will be."