Watford pensioners say they’re wading through "Lake Ontario" to get to their house despite repeatedly bringing the flood to the attention of the council.

Yvonne Davison, 74, says she’s had the "expanse of standing water" at the end of her drive in north Watford for years because the road was built without sufficient drainage.

Yvonne, of Hillrise Avenue, first notified authorities of the hazard in September. Since then she has called at least 17 times to get the mess sorted out - but says the Highways department has still not acted.

Yvonne said: "When it rains we call it Lake Ontario.

"Last September I decided to write to Highways about it. I got a letter back but nothing happened.

"My daughter sent an email and we were told they had forgotten all about it.

"I’ve made about 17 phone calls - I’m not getting anywhere. It’s been nearly nine months."

The water accumulates on the road outside because there is no drainage outside Yvonne’s bungalow.

Yvonne said in winter the puddle ices over and it becomes dangerous.

Husband Robert, also 74, is due to have a hip operation and she is worried the water will be too much of an obstacle during his recovery.

Yvonne said: "It can be a huge expanse of water and it’s a worry for when it gets icy.

"My husband is waiting for a hip operation and he’s limping. It’s getting very frustrating - the weeks have turned into months and still nothing has been done.

"It just gets worse."

Watford Observer:

Kareen Hastrick, county councillor for Meriden Tudor Division and Watford Borough Councillor for Meriden, confirmed she is looking into the problem.

Herts County Council’s contractors for Highways maintenence issues is Ringway.

A representative carried out a site visit on Tuesday - eight months after Yvonne’s initial complaint.

Jerry Pert, Ringway regional director, working on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, said: "We inspected the site when it was first reported and have revisited today[Tuesday, May 13].

"There is a small area of cracking near a dropped curb which is not considered hazardous. It will be considered as part of a planned works programme in the future."