A well-used Watford playing fields repeatedly targeted by "organised vandals" has had a fence torn down days after it was put up.

The Sun Postal Sports and Social Club, in Bellmount Wood Avenue, has seen its football pitches covered in mess, rubish and dog poo - in some instances forcing matches to be cancelled.

Watford Observer:

The damaged fence.

The club has now spent thousands of pounds repairing a fence around the sports grounds, but the bid to stop tresspasses has failed at every attempt.

Joe Tibbles, one of the club’s directors, said enough is enough.

He said: "Every week children and adults using these grounds have to clear dogs mess, broken glass, rubbish and repair nets before games can take place.

"On Sunday our five-a-side competition had to be delayed because the pitch was deliberately covered in debris from the fencing that was again vandalised."

Sun Postal management is convinced the vadalism is "organised" rather than carried out by children.

Mr Tibbles said it has been ongoing for years and no fence has been able to stop the behaviour and stem the trail of destruction - but has cost the club thousands in repairs.

He continued: "Numerous fencing has been erected and within days has been pulled down and those responsible seem to think this is acceptable behaviour to throw it all over the pitches.

"Sun Postal Sports and Social Club grounds have been vandalised for years, costing the club thousands of pounds renewing fencing and repairing other damage."

He said without the fence people regularly walk their dogs across the sports grounds, and this has led to uncleared dog mess being left on the pitches.

Mr Tibbles said: "It seems the few spoil it for many others of all ages.

"Members of the public have been trespassing on the club grounds, walking their dogs, as a public right of way, golf practice and general play area but these grounds are private.

"We hope by highlighting this problem we face and hope those responsible for the damage will understand why we are constantly trying to seal the grounds."

The club has vowed to be even more vigillent in catching the vandals red-handed and naming and shaming those involved.

Sun Postal management said anyone found damaging the grounds will be reported to the police.

Earlier in the season car driving vandals raced across pitches at Fullerians Rugy Club, which sits adjacent to the Sun Sports playing fields, causing games to be cancelled and thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The club has since installed fences around the playing paddock to try to prevent it happening again.