A man who has been refused a meeting with the Watford Borough’s chief executive claimed the council is "rife with censorship".

Pensioner Martin Ramirez said council bosses refuse to listen to his concerns about the town.

The 62-year-old of Stamford Road has been trying to get an appointment with chief executive Manny Lewis to discuss a number of issues including pond safety and dangerous cycling on The Parade for months. 

And Mr Ramirez, who says his concerns regard health and safety issues around the town that particularly affect Watford’s disabled community, has now been told officially that Mr Lewis will not meet him.

Mr Ramirez said: "It’s terrible, I’ve got the initiative to speak and I’m not allowed.

"I love fighting for other people who cannot raise issues themselves, such as disabled people or kids.

"They do not want to listen to constructive comments.

"The policy here outlines that they do not want to hear what I have to say - maybe because it would be embarrassing for them."

Mr Ramirez said stonewalling from the council and refusing to listen to ordinary Watford people causes those with concerns to stay silent and give up.

He said his concerns are shared by a number of other residents he has spoken to and that he is not a troublemaker.

He said: "It’s censorship on their part not to listen - and it goes throughout everything in this council.

"This is the wrong use of council money."

Mary Kearney, spokeswoman for Watford Borough Council, said Mr Ramirez has made several complaints to the council and that Mr Lewis was of the opinion nothing would be achieved by meeting him.

She said: "We are committed to open engagement and dialogue with our residents. Over a prolonged period Mr Ramirez has made a number of complaints to various departments and members of staff have invested a great deal of  time in  responding and working to find resolutions. 

“If Mr Ramirez is still not satisfied he is welcome to contact the independent Local Government Ombudsman; however it is not seen as appropriate for the Managing Director to intervene on this occasion.”