Plans to make part of Vicarage Road one-way and bring in a residents parking scheme have been branded "ill-conceived" and a safety risk by people who use the road.

Hertfordshire County Council sent letters to residents and businesses along Vicarage Road asking for feedback on the proposals, which lay out an access plan for the proposed new Vicarage Road tube station.

The scheme details a new northbound one-way system between Scammel Way and Hagden Lane, a "kiss and drop" lay-by in Scammel Way to serve the proposed new station and a parking study on the wider area.

The area of Vicarage Road in question is well used by the residents of the Holywell estate, allotment holders and parents of children at the Laurence Haines School.

Vicarage Road resident David Pennie criticised the lack of consultation, saying more input was needed from local residents and called for a public meeting at the school as has happened with other developments and parts of the rail project.

Mr Pennie said: "Making the road one-way and removing some of the existing traffic calming - put in after previous accidents and deaths - would lead to risk of faster traffic here and further bottle necking around Hagden Lane and Tolpits Lane, the only entrance to the estate.

"Having a kiss and drop off for the station is ill-conceived. The station is aimed to be for people using the hospital, football stadium and locals who live within walking distance - there should be no drop off.

"If there has to be a drop off, why not use the space on Tolpits Lane's old station and put the entrance there, or better High Street, Junction or Ascot Road?"

Mr Pennie continued that the suggested changes would be dangerous around the entrance to the "blind bridge" in Vicarage Road - next to the primary school.

Councillor Nigel Bell said the proposals would be a major change for Vicarage Road and the surrounding area in West Watford.

He said: "This is an initial consultation. Residents are concerned about the possibility of bringing in a one-way and the possibility of a controlled parking zone - although this would be up to the borough council."

Tom Ship, spokesman for Hertfordshire County Council, said: "We are consulting residents on the provision of improved highway and pedestrian facilities along Vicarage Road.

"Proposals include the introduction of a new northbound one-way system on Vicarage Road between Scammel Way and Hagden Lane, including carriageway realignment, improved crossing facilities and footway widening. 

"Further proposals include a new ‘Kiss and Drop’ lay-by on Scammel Way to serve the proposed new station on Vicarage Road, plus a study of parking in the wider area.

"Hertfordshire County Council began the public consultation on 11 August and will run through the course of the month, allowing residents and businesses who may be affected by proposals to channel their feedback back to the county council."