An actor from Watford died after taking a combination of prescribed medicine, cocaine and alcohol, an inquest was told.

Justin Cook, 38, of Bushey Mill Lane died on July 6, this year.

Hertfordshire's Senior Coronor Edward Thomas concluded that Mr Cook died of drug toxicity.

Mr Cook had an anxiety disorder and was on a precribed drug called sertaline. He also saw a community mental health nurse.

In small, therapeatic doses sertaline is harmless.

On the day Mr Cook died, he had gone to the local pub across the road from where he lived, Tudor Arms, to watch the Wimbledon final with his friend.

Mr Cook left the pub and at roughly 9.15pm. His housemate, Chris Taylor, saw him first that night outside their front door.

In a written statement, Mr Taylor said: "Justin asked me if he looked pale, at first I just thought he was drunk, but he did look unwell." 

Mr Taylor also added that on several occassions Justin said he needed to take his tablets, then later, said 'my heart is beating so fast I think I'm having a heart attack'.

"He then went into the bathroom and vomited. When he came out he collapsed."

After nearly 45 minutes of trying to resuscitate him, the paramedics pronounced him dead.

Mr Taylor said: "Justin was a popular person, who sometimes drank too much, but he was a right laugh."

The coronor, Mr Thomas, said: "Justin came across as a really nice person.

"His death was unintended, it was an unwanted consquence. Justin suffered a cardiac arrhythmia, which a disruption of the heart's rhythm. This can be bought on by cocaine, but the combination of sertaline and alcohol would not have helped."

Mr Cook's father, Martin, said: "It's good to finally get some closure. Jenny from the pub organised a lot of the stuff for the wake and it was good to so many people attend, I was really grateful for that.

"I am glad that the area he lived where all his friends were made him happy.

"He had finally got a really nice job that he liked, it's a pity he was not able to fulfill it. 

"The mention of drugs is not something you want to hear, but at the end of the day, he's my son, he always will be and he will be greatly missed."