A Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow in Watford found 68 people at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The roadshow was sponsored by the Michael Green Foundation, set up by Joanne Green following the death of her husband in December 2012 from a heart attack - a complication linked to his Type 2 diabetes.

Of the 127 people given free Type 2 diabetes risk assessments on the day, more than half were referred to their doctor for further tests and support because of their likelihood of developing the condition in the next ten years.

Visitors to the roadshow were also offered advice from a dietician as well as support and information on how Diabetes UK can help those living with the condition.

Joanne, from St Albans, said: "Michael died when he was only 53, but he had had Type 2 diabetes for 28 years and didn’t take the condition seriously or adjust his diet or level of exercise. One of the main reasons for setting up the foundation was to raise awareness of the condition and the risk factors of developing it. 

"It was brilliant to work with Diabetes UK and to see so many people in Watford. As well as offering free risk assessments there was also a host of advice and information about the condition available. Neither I, nor our 17-year-old daughter Natalia, want anyone else to experience what we did with the death of Michael."

People may get Type 2 diabetes because their family history, age and ethnic background puts them at increased risk. People are also more likely to get Type 2 diabetes if they are overweight.

Anyone who couldn’t attend the roadshow in Watford can find out their risk of Type 2 diabetes online at www.diabetes.org.uk.