Things are beginning to look up for residents at a mobile-park home site in Abbots Langley following a recent dispute with the council.

Residents at Newlands Park had been left feeling let down by Three Rivers District Council after encountering a litany of problems at the park-home which their site owners had ignored. 

A month ago, St Albans MP Anne Main led a parliamentary debate which highlighted the council's failure to take action.

Last week, Three Rivers District Council leader Ann Shaw hit back in a written response to MP Stephen Williams at the department for communities and local govenrment and disputed all the claims made by the MP. 

In response to Councillor Shaw's letter, Mick Deans, the secretary of the Newlands Park Residents' Association said: "We think the letter from Councillor Shaw is offensive to the residents of Newlands Park. Suggesting the dispute is down to the bad relationship between the owners and 'at least some residents' is offensive - as an association we represent the entire site - and the inference that we are trouble makers makes light of the threats and intimidation we have suffered. 

"It is nonsense to say that we have had multiple visits from the council, nor have we had any recent communication from them. We have been repeatedly told that the council does nto have the resources or the budget to deal with our complaint. The understanding we have is that Three Rivers District Council is unwilling to act and is siding with the owners. The phrase 'no resources - no funds' is not a misunderstanding but is one we have heard repeatedly."

Since Councillor Shaw's reply, Dr Steven Halls, Chief Executive of Three Rivers District Council has also responded. 

In a letter to Mr Deans, he said Three Rivers District Council not only takes the management of the Newlands Park site seriously, but also that each of Mr Deans complaints have been refuted. 

He also suggested that Councillor Gloria Gillespie set up a meeting with Mr Deans, and if possible, the site-owners, to deal with any outstanding concerns. Erle Jackson, housing enforcement officer at Three Rivers District Council has also offered an initial meeting with Mr Deans alone. 

Mr Deans said: "I do feel like the council have let us down - some of the responses we were getting were becoming quite viscious.

"It does appear something is starting to happen now, and hopefully something can be done. If nothing happens we will be looking at a judicial review. If this is the case, we will be inclined to take on the council, but unfortunately the legal costs are just something we haven't got. If there's a solicitor or barrister looking for pro bono work or interested in helping us out do please get in touch."