An Abbots Langley man fell to his death from a first floor window on the day of his son’s wedding, an inquest at Hertfordshire Coroners Court has heard.

George Connor, who lived in Greenways, Abbots Langley, was discovered dead in his garden by one of his sons, Robert Connor, and Robert’s wife, on August 15 last year, when he failed to return or respond to their phone calls.

The 78-year-old, known by his family as "Charlie" was due to attend his other son’s wedding that day.

Sergeant Andy Wiseman, from Rickmansworth Police Station, attended the scene to investigate whether any criminal activity had taken place.

But when Sergeant Wiseman visited Mr Connor’s home he found no sign of disturbance and the property was locked.

A full bowl of cereal was found in the kitchen which, according to Mr Connor’s son Robert, he was in the habit of making between 5am and 6am each morning.

A newspaper, which would usually be delivered to Mr Connor’s home at 7am every weekday morning, was also still on the floor by the front door.

In one bedroom upstairs the bed by the window was made, his pyjamas were lying on top, but the window was found wide open.

Looking at Mr Connor’s head injuries, and finding his hair in a plant pot outside, as well as one of his fingerprints on the window, Sergeant Wiseman was satisfied that Mr Connor had fallen from the first floor window.

Mr Connor had been suffering from depression for over five years, and had been telling his son Robert and other family members of suicidal thoughts for some time - particularly of jumping out of the first floor window.

Although Mr Connor took anti-depressants, his case was made no easier when his wife, who he lived in Greenways with for over 30 years, was diagnosed with terminal mouth cancer.

Coroner Edward Solomon said: "One of the issues I have to consider is whether I’m satisfied he committed suicide.

"Did he fall out the window? Did he take his own life? He could have been standing on the bed, looking out of the window.

"I am not satisfied that he did take his own life or intended to do so."

Mr Solomon concluded that the cause of Mr Connor’s death was multiple traumatic injuries, not suicide, and expressed his deepest sympathies to the family and the circumstance they had to find him.