Residents fighting controversial plans for a "monster mast" in Rickmansworth have launched a campaign to stop it being built.

More than 150 people in Rickmansworth have voiced concerns about the plans for a mobile phone mast, which have been submitted by CTIL and Telefonica UK Ltd and Vodafone LTD.

The proposed 20 metre mast would be built in Batchworth Depot, Harefield Road, and would include six antennas and a satellite dish, but residents are also questioning if it is needed in the area.

Numerous residents are worried about being able to see the mast from their homes in Harefield Road, Landford Close and Sherfield Avenue and they have also expressed concerns about the effect it will have on property value.

James Sheridan, of Harefield Road, who has been spearheading the campaign, said: "It is humongous and we have been trying to raise awareness of it.

"We live opposite the proposed location, but by chance, when we were coming home one day, we happened to see a poster on a lamppost.

"They have done the bare minimum to tell people about the plans, so I have set up the 'No RickmansworthMonsterMast' hashtag on twitter to spread the word about it."

The petition has attracted 90 signatures and is calling for the council to widen the number of neighbours being told about the plans.

Three Rivers District Council is expected make its decision later this month, with planning officials targeting a decision on Monday, March 23.

One resident, from Landford Close, said: "This development creates serious health issues, blights the landscape and reduces the value of properties.

"I seriously question the need for this antenna. I have never had an issue with mobile signal or signal strength. It is irresponsible and unnecessary to have this mast in a densely populated area, which is also very close to a supermarket."

Councillor Paula Hiscocksdescribed the proposal as a "blot" on an "already threatened landscape".

She said: "This mast would be an eyesore and blight the whole outlook of the area of outstanding beauty which it borders.

"Not only residents but everyone using the canal path and the Aquadrome would have it looming over them.

"No doubt someone from the water company has been charged to put redundant pieces of land to a profitable use, a good business principle but in this case, a completely wrong use of the land.

"There must be better, more subtle sittings, for such a mast The Watford Observer has approached CTIL for a comment, but did not receive a response at the time of going to press.