Controversial plans for a “monster mast” in Rickmansworth have been thrown out by politicians.

More than 120 people signed a petition opposing the proposal for a new mobile phone mast in Harefield Road.

Almost 60 people also took to the council’s planning website to voice concerns about the proposed mast, citing fears over how it will dominate the surrounding area.

CTIL and Telefonica UK Ltd had submitted blue-prints for a mobile phone mast in Batchworth Depot and this included provisions for six antennas and a satellite dish.

But Three Rivers District Council unanimously threw out the plans, with one committee member describing the proposed mast as “totally unacceptable”.

Ms Jenny Gray, speaking on behalf of the residents who opposed the plans, told last night’s meeting: “This mast would be an extremely prominent and obtrusive feature in the area. There are numerous homes situated next to and opposite the proposed site.

“The monopole would not only be visible from these homes and gardens and those of other residents of Harefield Road, but from many of the homes and gardens from the adjoining roads.

“Batchworth pumping station is located next to the canal which leads to the Aquadrome and both of these are extremely significant to Rickmansworth’s heritage and they form part of the Colne Valley Park.

“There is no doubt that because of the monopole’s height and design, it would be visible from both the canal towpath and from the Aquadrome, clearly damaging the landscape of this beautiful and important area, one which we the residents of Rickmansworth and members of the Three Rivers District Council have a duty to protect."

Earlier this month, another Harefield Road resident, James Sheridan, set up a "NoRickmansworthMonsterMast" campaign on Twitter in a bid to raise awareness of the plans.

Councillor Ann Shaw told the planning committee: “This is a most inappropriate proposal, totally unacceptable, it will give harm to the neighbouring properties to that part of Rickmansworth and indeed to the whole of Rickmansworth.

Ms Gray added: “We really think it must be possible for the applicants to find another site for this mast that will not be such a significant blot on the landscape, somewhere that is located away from the Aquadrome and the canal and away from residential areas where it will not loom over other people’s homes and gardens.”

The communications giant behind the plan had told the Watford Observer the proposed mast was needed to help boost signal in the area.

Ilana Clark, community liaison officer at CTIL added: “We have identified that we need to improve the coverage to our customers in Rickmansworth.”