BUSINESSMEN in Hertfordshire will be able to attend a week-long virtual conference at the end of this month, without leaving their offices.

Business Link Hertfordshire, an organisation which supports businesses in the county, is organising the Internet conference as part of its Design in Business week.

Anyone wanting to join the conference will be able to access it via Business Link's website and take part in a discussion with other businesses.

They will also be able to link to other relevant websites such as the Design Council.

The main theme of the event is how companies can make the best use of design in their businesses, and the virtual conference will allow them to discuss with others which have successfully used design and branding in the market.

Mr Rob Doak, Business Link Hertfordshire's design adviser, said: "Design and innovation is an integral part of any business and businesses have moved on from thinking that design strategy is about commissioning a logo or brochure.

"In fact, to be truly effective, it must infiltrate every aspect of the business to fully implant the company's position and brands in the minds of its customers."

"We think a virtual event is a very exciting way of helping our clients understand the importance of design.

"The event will offer delegates the chance to take part at any time during the five days, and they will be able to interact with design experts and other businesses who are interested in the benefits of good design, as well as share experiences."

The virtual conference will run from Monday, October 30 and can be found at

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