More than 100 children in south west Hertfordshire have not been allocated a place at any primary or junior school.

Parents were told earlier today which schools their children would be attending in the new academic year by Hertfordshire County Council.

County Hall said 95 percent of children were handed a place at one of their four shortlisted schools – but 135 youngsters in south west Herts currently have nowhere to go in September.

Sara Bedford, county councillor for Abbots Langley, said: “Yet again, the county council has failed in its duty to ensure there are sufficient school places.

“Across Watford and the surrounding area, many parents will get the news that they have not been given any of their preferred schools for their child.

“Worse still, more than 100 children have not received an offer of a place at any school at all.

“More than an entire class of Abbots Langley children still have no idea where they will be starting school in September.

“This is unfair on parents and children and an unsettling start to their schooldays.”

The council said it received 15,267 applications for reception places with 14,408 allocated a place at a ranked primary school.

Of those children, 12,425 (81 percent) secured a spot at their first choice school – an increase of 255 on last year.

A further 1,190 families have been given a place at their second choice school, 537 at their third choice and 859 children will be going to the school their parents put down as their final pick.

But 218 youngsters were not given a place anywhere, with 139 of those children - including four not allocated a place at a junior school - coming from the south west of the county.

Councillor Bedford added: “Two years ago, the council said that it was vital to build a new primary school in Abbots Langley.

“The council must stop delaying and procrastinating and get on with building a school as soon as possible.”

The authority said an extra 325 places have been made available at 12 schools via the continuing interest list and parents can apply to any of the schools offering additional places.

Andrew Simmons, Deputy Director for Children’s Services, Education, said: “We want all children to have access to a good education so they can reach their full potential, with the right number of school places in the right location.

“I’m delighted that the vast majority of children have been allocated one of their ranked schools.

“This is a significant challenge given there are 10,000 more children under the age of four in Hertfordshire today than a decade ago.

“However, we are committed to ensuring that where the county’s population grows we build the appropriate infrastructure and have spent £170m to provide more than 3,000 additional reception places, including 195 permanent places for September 2015."

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