As part of the Watford Observer's General Election coverage, each candidate has been invited to submit a 250-word diary explaining what they have been doing on the campaign trail.

Here are this week's entries:

David Gauke- Conservative Party

It has been a busy time campaigning over the last few days.

There has been a street stall in Berkhamsted High Street on Saturday morning and meeting commuters in the morning at both Croxley tube station and Carpenders Park train station on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Campaigning in this way is an excellent opportunity to meet large numbers of local residents.

Campaigning is divided between my own seat and also helping the excellent Richard Harrington in Watford.

Either way, it has meant plenty of time delivering leaflets or knocking on doors so I am getting much more exercise and fresh air than I would normally get.

In addition to local campaigning, I have done a fair amount of broadcasting as a representative of the Conservative Party.

Over the course of the campaign, this has involved appearing on Radio 4’s Today Programme, The Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2, various Radio 5Live programmes, Newsnight and the Daily Politics.

Last Sunday, I spent the morning travelling to and from New Broadcasting House to appear on the Sunday Politics, spent the afternoon canvassing and then appeared on Adam Boulton’s show on Sky News in the evening.

Thankfully, they sent a camera crew to my home in Chorleywood so I was able to do the interview from my front garden.

If anything, the pace of the campaign will pick up next week.

The first hustings is on 16 April in Tring with further hustings on 20 April (Rickmansworth) and 22 April (Berkhamsted). I will also be debating earlier on the 22nd as the Conservative speaker for the BBC’s economy debate.

Graham Cartmell- Common Sense Party

Hi. I’m Graham, one of the founder members of the Common Sense Party, living in Berkhamsted.

More of an evolutionary than a revolutionary, but passionate about standing on your behalf.

First our ideas: Our “politics” is in a rut and we need to do something. Now, for the first time, you have a positive alternative.

(1) Remove all politics from our NHS and our Schools. We know what we want; first class standards, total fairness and value for money.

These are not “political” aims; politicians of all parties have already caused enough damage. We must stop this. Devolve all powers for Health and Education to a new elected Assembly and put “non- politicians” in charge.

(2) Halve the number of MPs. We have too many politicians (we are world champions in numbers!) The new Assembly means even less work for them. So let’s make them experience some of the pressures we all have to endure. It will be good for them!

Now for the Campaign. Our publicity leaflet should be arriving in households next week.

I will be at the Tring Hustings 16th April, Rickmansworth 20th and Berkhamsted 22nd.

Otherwise trying to be out and about on High Streets, railway stations and some housing areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I’d be delighted to meet you. Social groups? Neighbours? As you wish. I can be contacted via or via Twitter @GrahamCartmell or on 07934 06005.

If anyone wants to help that would be great.

Mark Anderson- UK Independence Party

The UKIP team in South West Hertfordshire have been out in South Oxhey and Mill End this week and received a great reception.

It’s certainly nice now the weather is so good. Chatting to voters on the doorsteps has been revealing. In South Oxhey, Doctors’ waiting times were high on people’s worries.

It went down well that UKIP planned to put £3Bn extra into the NHS each year, fully funded by reductions in foreign aid and our membership fees of the European Union. One voter even said to me; “We can’t just keep on borrowing money.”

When we pay more on debt interest that we do in defence it is irresponsible of any other party to propose unfunded spending commitments.

Trust was another major theme behind the doorknockers. Ed and Dave intend to practise financial alchemy to convince us they are tackling our financial problems.

Along with Nick, they have failed to deliver on any of their core promises, so why would they start this time?

Last minute election ‘give aways’ are rife this week. Voters are keen for something fresh.

UKIP’s message of a vision of Britain that is free to make its own trade deals, do business with the nations of Europe but not be in political union, while being able to really control our borders with a fair points based system, chimes well.

A vote for UKIP will ensure we can start to build our positive vision that Believes in Britain, and Believes in the people of Britain.

The Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green candidates did not send in their diaries to the Observer before the requested deadline.