Campaigners took to Watford High Street on Saturday to ask voters to sign a petition calling for politicians to protect the NHS ahead of the General Elections.

The protest, which was organised by the independent campaign group - 38 Degrees, called on parliamentary candidates to protect the NHS from privatisation and funding freezes.

John Maguire, member of 38 Degrees from Watford said: "Our NHS has always been there for me and my family when we’ve needed it.

"But some politicians seem determined to break it up and sell parts off to the highest bidder. The thought of my family being cared for by profit-making companies really scares me.

"That’s why I was out in Watford this Saturday with lots of others to spread the word that the way we vote on May 7, could determine whether our NHS is still there for our children and grandchildren."

The campaign, which also rated candidates' pledges on the NHS using an online tool, coincided with thousands of other people protesting across England on the same issue.

David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees said: "On Saturday, people in Watford talked to hundreds of voters about how their vote could protect the NHS this election.

"We want Watford's MP candidates to see that the best way to win votes is to pledge to save the NHS from privatisation and funding freezes. Every candidate needs to realise that cutting NHS funding, or handing it over to private companies, is a huge turn off for voters.

"Saturday’s day of action was all about the people of Watford taking back the power, and putting their MP candidates to the test on the NHS."

For more information or to sign the petition visit: