A 67-year-old man hanged himself after finding out he had terminal cancer, an inquest heard.

Colin Gulliver of Highwood Avenue, Bushey died in February this year.

The day before, Mr Gulliver had been discharged from hospital after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. A friend who was there with him had said he was feeling down about it all.

He was last seen by his carer the night before, who also reported Mr Guilliver was feeling low.

The following day, he was found hanged in the living room.

PC Potter, who attended the scene, reported that the property had been secured and there were a series of notes that Mr Gulliver had left behind in the kitchen and living room.

One note asked emergency services not to resuscitate him, another gave details about the funeral arrangements and the third was about what should be done with the property.

Senior coroner Edward Thomas recorded a verdict of asphyxiation.

He said: "No other injuries would have caused his death - Mr Gulliver was on medication and there was no sign of any overdose.

"It's clear to me that he considered his own death and from the notes he left that was what he intended to do - he had decided to take his own life."