Thousands flocked to Rickmansworth this weekend as the popular Rickmansworth Festival returned to the town.

Organisers of the Rickmansworth Festival believe “25,000 to 30,000” people attended the event held between Batchworth and Stockers Locks and in part of the park at The Aquadrome, Frogmoor Lane, on Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17.

The festival featured dozens of live performances from bands, choirs and school groups from across Three Rivers and the “wonderful array of canal boats” also turned out in force.

David Montague, chairman of the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust, said: “It was absolutely fabulous. We had ideal weather over the weekend and we were very lucky in that respect. One day either side and we would have been hit with heavy rainfall.

“We had a fantastic Spitfire fly-over, but one of the highlights for me was when I was just preparing to go on stage at the end of the weekend to close the event with Councillor Chris Lloyd, we had a band on the stage called Swan Vestasocial Club playing.

“There were a very fun band and they had all the crowd up and dancing and the lead singer was down in the audience leading a conga with the children.

“It was a great family event.”

On its website, Rickmansworth Festival was described as the “finale of Ricky Week”. Ricky Week kicked off on Saturday, May 9 with a parade of decorated floats travelling down High Street, Rickmansworth.

A number of other events were held across the town, including a fete at the Bury Grounds and a number of functions at Three Rivers Museum in High Street, Rickmansworth.

Rickmansworth Festival is organised by volunteers from the Heritage Education charity, Rickmansworth Waterways Trust.

Mr Montague added: “One thing we do need is more volunteers to help. It is getting bigger and bigger every year and it means there is more work to do to make sure everyone is safe and secure.”

Entry to the Rickmansworth Festival is free, however, the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust relies on donations at the entry gates to the festival to help them keeping putting the event on.

This year, they are hoping to have matched last year’s amount, where they raised more than £35,000.

Mr Montague said: “We rely on the donations at the entry points to make it worthwhile.

“We receive sponsorship but that is about a quarter of what we need and the rest we raise through selling pitches to caterers.

“We had about 120 traders this year who have come along and took part in a successful event. The financial model is geared to ensuring that we break even.”