The horrified mother of a toddler "assaulted" by a carer at a nursery in South Oxhey is shocked she could work with children again.

Jenna Hayford, of Hayling Road, sends her two-year-old son Archie Little to The Co-operative Childcare nursery in Altham Gardens.

She said: "My son just did something naughty, I think he threw something on the floor and was about to walk away when the nursery nurse grabbed him, yanked his arm and screamed at him.

"When she let go, Archie ran to his grandmother and clung to her. He was really scared.

"He was just being a normal boy. I was shocked. But to learn that they will be undertaking training and be allowed to work with children again is horrifying - they should not be working."

The incident was witnessed by Archie's grandmother, who then reported it straight away and it has also been reported to Ofsted.

The nursery nurse, who works for an agency, has since been suspended pending an investigation.

Ms Hayford, 28, added: "The next day my son did not want to go to nursery, he kept saying that the 'lady hurt him'.

"He was screaming when I took there and when I finally left him there, he just stayed close to the key worker and was cuddling her for ages, before he realised the lady who technically assaulted him was not there.

"My son is quite a strong boy and doesn't get very emotional and for him to behave like that shows just how shaken up he was about it."

A spokesperson for The Co-operative Childcare, said: "We take our parents’ concerns very seriously and have a rigorous process in place for dealing with any issues raised.

"Following concerns raised by a grandparent, a member of agency staff was suspended while we investigated the incident. Our nursery manager notified the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO), completed the appropriate documentation and kept the family updated as per Ofsted procedure.

"Subsequently the agency staff in question no longer works at our Watford South setting and will be undertaking re-training in areas including safeguarding children and health and safety."