VIDEO films of teachers or classmates suffering violence or humiliation should be banned from the internet, Education Secretary Alan Johnson has warned.

Mr Johnson has slammed the video-sharing website Youtube, which carried a film of a teacher having his trousers pulled down in class, and said such humiliating stunts were driving people from the profession.

He told the annual conference of the teachers' union the NASUWT: "These are big companies we are talking about: they have a social responsibility and moral obligation to act.

"Without the online approval which appeals to the innate insecurities of the bully, such sinister activities would have much less attraction."

Youtube has since removed the clip, but Mr Johnson says the site should never have posted it, and pupils taking such films on their mobile phones are making the lives of both teachers and classmates a misery.

Do you agree such video clips should be banned or is it all harmless fun?

Perhaps you are a teacher who is fed up with aggressive children, or a parent worried about the effect of disruptive fellow pupils on your son or daughter's schooling.

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