A 67-year-old paraplegic artist from Watford took his own life by overdosing on prescription painkillers, a court heard today.

Geoffrey Kerr, of Kytes Drive, was found dead by a carer on August 21, 2014, in his bedroom.

Hertfordshire Coroners Court heard Mr Kerr had been wheelchair bound after a road traffic accident in 1982 but had recently developed shoulder pain for which he had been prescribed painkillers.

Graham Danbury, assistant coroner, said there was evidence Mr Kerr was worried how it would affect his mobility and his ability to live on his own.

The inquest heard from police constable Peacock, of Watford Police Station, who said investigators seized a number of tablets from Mr Kerr's home.

He said: "We found several notes he had left. One said he could not take the pain anymore in his arms and shoulder.

"Another note talked about property. And he left a drawing of Verulamium Park indicating where he wanted his ashes scattered.

"There was no disturbance or evidence of third party involvement at the address."

Dr Wahab, a consultant pathologist at Hemel Hempstead hospital, gave evidence that Mr Kerr had nine times over a fatal dose of one particular painkiller and other medication in his blood and urine.

Mr Danbury recorded a verdict of suicide.

He said: "Clearly the cause of death was a massive overdose on drugs he had of prescription. It is clear from the evidence no one else was involved and he took the drugs himself.

"Mr Kerr had a lonely existence, added to that were his concerns about his shoulder pain. Also by reason of the notes found it would seem he intended to take his own life.

"I am therefore recording a conclusion that Geoffrey Kerr took his own life."