Plans to install a new phone mast in Rickmansworth have been shot down by residents after a proposal to extend an existing one in Croxley Green were thrown out by politicians and residents just last month.

Cornerstone Telecoms Infrastructure Limited (CITL) - Vodafone and Telefonica - has submitted an application to install a radio base station on the verge to the South East of London Road, and adjacent to the slip road onto Harefield Road, but more than 35 residents have already voiced their concerns on the online application since the plans were validated by Three Rivers District Council on June 15.

They submitted plans to extend their existing 12m phone mast in Baldwins Lane to 15m tall but the council threw out the proposal at a meeting in mid-June.

CTIL have argued the mobile phone coverage in Croxley Green needs to be improved.

But residents have already strongly objected to the plans, saying, ‘although a mast would be welcomed in terms of the benefits it would bring, it is simply not suitable’ and that, ‘it is outrageous the application has been submitted shortly after the last application for a radio tower was rejected, and just a few hundred meters further along the road’.

A resident of Batchworth Hill listed a number of reasons which deemed the site as inappropriate.

They said: "This is a busy dual carriageway and all local residents already ensure traffic noise, air and light pollution along with littering from passing thoughtless motorists.

"We just do not want this enormous mast as well in our otherwise Green conservation area.

"The mast will be an imposing eyesore, whatever colour it is painted, far too close to an in some instances towering above local residential properties, potentially reducing their market value.

"We most strongly urge Three Rivers District Council not to give the go ahead for this application either."

Tim Ashby, spokesman for Three Rivers District Council, has said: "The application is currently being considered, no recommendation/decision has been made at this time.

"Neighbouring properties have been consulted and a site notice has been displayed.

"The site notice expires on July 14, 2015 so comments should be submitted before that date."

To view the full plans and submit a comment, visit Three Rivers District Council’s planning website using reference number 15/1093/FUL.