People living in a block of flats in Watford no longer want to live there after repeat incidents of flooding and no offer of help from the property management.

Attenborough Court residents were hit by a particularly bad case of flooding following last Thursday’s thunderstorm, but for many them is not the first time.

Having contacted their property management, Red Rock, on several occasions for help, they have been left increasingly frustrated with their inaction to take the necessary steps to stop the flooding from happening.

Jade Gralton who lives at Attenborough Court said: "After flooding for the fourth time it is upsetting to see the same unfortunate residents affected year after year.

"But what is most upsetting is the fact that Red Rock seem to have no care or compassion for us residents.

"Not only is it the same six properties dealing with water damage but all of the housing residents in blocks 1 and 2 - 26 flats - are dealing with the stench, the wet communal areas and the broken lift which will take months to be repaired.

"We have had no communication from Red Rock to let us know what, if anything, they are planning to do. However, they have had representatives at Attenborough Court seeing their business and private residents."

Another residents, Fran White, said: "I have been affected by the flooding four times since I have moved in.

"It makes it really difficult to do everyday things like bringing shopping in to the flat or taking the rubbish out as the lift is often out of order for months on end.

"It feels like there are no solutions being put in place and it makes me not want to live here."

Red Rock have yet to respond at the time of publication, but Watford Borough Councillor Peter Taylor added: "It is incredibly frustrating that residents have had to suffer in this way once again.

"Red Rock were warned that this would happen over a year ago.

"Rather than passing the buck, Red Rock must get this fixed. I have asked them to attend a meeting with residents this week.

"They need to tell us what they are going to do to stop this happening again."

Red Rock were contacted for comment but were yet to respond at the time of publication.