A combination of drugs, alcohol and a stormy relationship led a mother from Chorleywood to take her life, an inquest heard.

Cara Taylor, 43, was found hanged at home in Quickley Lane, Chorleywood, on Sunday, January 25.

She was discovered by her partner John Doyle when he returned home after the pair had a series of arguments.

The court heard that when Mr Doyle arrived home, “whatever he did would not have been able to save her.”

Hertfordshire Coroners Court heard the pair had a “volatile relationship”.

The court was told Ms Taylor had alcohol and cocaine in her blood. Mr Thomas added that cocaine can make people “quite low and depressed”.

Mr Thomas said: “The whole thing is so sad and I feel sorry for all those who care for her and there were a lot of people who did.

“There is a big downside to cocaine. It makes you feel quite low. She might have had a different view the next day.

“She took pride in her appearance and she was looking forward to her hair appointment.”

Mr Edwards ruled “She took her own life while the balance of her mind was disturbed. Her rational judgment was taken away by the emotion of what was happening coupled with the alcohol and cocaine.”