A woman suffering from depression intended to take her own life when she took an overdose of her prescribed medication, an inquest has heard.

Jill Partridge, of Tibbs Hill Road, Abbots Langley, had been receiving help from a team of mental health specialists and doctors before her death in March this year.

Hertfordshire Coroner’s Court heard the 52-year-old had been in a long standing position of depression, and had described to doctors her problems with sleeping, concentration and her growing concerns for her mother who was being treated in hospital at the time, as well as her thoughts of suicide.

Doctors were treating her depression with anti-depressants Fluoxetine and Sertraline.

On the morning of her death, on March 14, one of Ms Partridge’s mental health workers tried to contact her at home but got no response.

After several attempts to call her throughout the day Ms Partridge was discovered dead after police were contacted to carry out a welfare check on her.

Assistant coroner Graham Danbury said in order to conclude whether Ms Partridge had taken her own life he had to consider two factors - whether her death was caused as a result of deliberate action and if in doing that action she intended it would result in loss of life.

He said: "She took a substantial overdose of more than one type of drug and I take into consideration what she said a few weeks before to the doctor and comments she made to the health team.

"Also her enhanced concerns how she was going to cope with her mother coming home from hospital.

"The alcohol level in her body was low so there was nothing to cloud her judgement.

"She did intent to take her own life by taking this overdose of drugs."

Mr Danbury concluded Ms Partridge took her own life while suffering from depression.