Climbers who took on a challenge to scale the height of Everest in support of the condition ME were “inspirational”.

The Everest Challenge, organised by 33-year-old Edward Cornes, took place on January 17, whose older brother Ollie, 43, suffers with myalgic encephalomyslitis (ME)

The aim of the challenge for those who took part was to climb 8,848m – the height of Everest – at Watford Leisure Centre’s climbing wall to raise £250 for ME Research UK.

Mr Cornes, who lives in central Watford, found inspiration for the event after reading an article he read published by Crohns and Colitis UK about a father who raised money for his son Fergus, who had Crohns, by sailing the Atlantic.

He said: “We had a great turnout on the day, the atmosphere was electric and all those who took part had a really good time.

“Y&Y had kindly provided a set of Belay Glasses and Cotswold Outdoors vouchers as prizes for the people who did the most climbs.

“There was a close fight at the end between three people who each climbed over 875m each.

“Some were doing 20 climbs back to back, which is pretty inspirational to see.”

When the event was first organised, the group had a fundraising target of £250, but the group have now raised nearly £3,500 with employer contributions and gift aid.

Mr Cornes said: “It makes me feel very proud to see how we have surpassed that.

“All the money raised goes to fund bio-medical research into the causes of myalgic encephalomyelitis.

“Funding is scarce and every little helps the 240,000 ME patients in the UK.

“There were at least a few days afterwards where I felt nothing but warmth and gratitude for what the team had achieved and for all their support.

“I’m considering a self-funded wing walking challenge next, although it might have to wait some time as I think I have exhausted my sponsors for the time being.”

If you would like to make a donation and support Mr Cornes’ and his fellow climbers’ cause, visit