A petition has been set up to get the Oyster card system extended to Kings Langley.

The Oyster Card offers train passengers a reduced price compared to standard tickets.

But they can only get as far as Watford Junction Station on the main line out of Euston towards Birmingham.

A petition has now been set up calling on Transport For London to extend the scheme to Kings Langley.

More than 200 people are backing the campaign.

The petition states: “In 2011, the chairman of TFL, Boris Johnson, stated the Oyster Card zone should soon be extended to Kings Langley station.

“This has not happened. Stopping the Oyster zone at Watford Junction not only leads to more expensive train fares for passengers using Kings Langley Station, it increases congestion in Watford as many travellers are driving into Watford to use their Oyster card.”

To view the petition, click here.

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