Transport chiefs believe Watford Junction could be redeveloped to create additional space for passengers.

Hertfordshire County Council has a wish list of different transport projects that it believes will improve transport infrastructure.

While some will never see the light of day, transport officers have considered redeveloping Watford Junction and widening the M1.

Hertfordshire County Council's environment, planning and transport committee were shown the report yesterday.

One panel member told the Watford Observer only the priority schemes would be brought forward providing the council could afford it.

Included in the documents are ideas to redevelop Watford Junction station and make it easier for passengers to change between different services and improve access to other modes of transport like buses.

A multi-storey car park could be created to increase parking and the station forecourt could be improved. A new entrance towards the rear of the station could also be created.

The M1 could also be widened in Hertfordshire. County officials say traffic forecasts by Highways England show that by 2040 there will be regular congestion on the motorway in the county.

The report that went before Tuesday’s environment, planning and transport panel at Hertfordshire County Council also opened up the possibility of a cycle scheme similar to the Boris Bikes coming to Watford. But these bikes would be "electric assisted".

The report stated there was a “concept level scheme to facilitate more cycle trips within and between Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans.

“This scheme would involve the installation of docking points at key points within the three towns.”

Cllr Ralph Sangster, who sits on the environment, planning and transport committee, said: “It is a wish list. That is every possible option that may be available to us in the future.

“But it is not a list that defines the options which will be brought forward. It will be a question of how much money is around and what the priorities are.”

A county-wide “workplace parking levy” is also under consideration.

The report describe it as a “concept level scheme to introduce a workplace charging levy in Hertfordshire’s largest urban areas, requiring workplaces that provide more than a threshold number of parking spaces for employees to pay a levy per additional space provided.

“Many employers pass the levy on to employees who drive to work, in return for a parking permit. This can encourage those who currently drive to work to identify an alternative way of travelling to work.”

Cllr Derrick Ashley, cabinet member for environment, planning and transport, said: “The transport vision is a set of ideas about the possible future of transport in the county.

“Following the stakeholder engagement last year a full list of schemes has now been drawn up and this will help us think about the long-term transport planning framework for the county.

“There are no firm plans at this stage to implement the ideas and the next stage will involve sifting through the proposals to create a shortlist.”