Homeowners in Watford are furious at plans to build on an “beautiful” piece of land.

More than 20 people attended a campaign meeting where concerns were voiced about plans to create a temporary storage site in Dell Side in the Harebreaks.

Watford Community Housing Trust (WCHT) has submitted a planning application to Watford Borough Council for the storage unit to last five years.

It would consist of portable cabins, a collection point, a 20-yard skip, and five office units for refurbishment of WCHT housing stock.

Agnake Kubicka has lived in Brett Place for seven years and is opposite the proposed development.

The 33-year-old mum-of-two said: “I think the plan is a disgrace. The amount of disruption will be ridiculous.

“It is already a struggle to pull out of my road now and this will be so much worse.

“And to demolish the green area is astounding, it is where my children play.

“There are so many other places the storage facility could go.”

The trust said the plans were part of a £15 million works programme to improve houses in Watford, including an expected £1.5 million of works in the Harebreaks area.

The storage unit would be 50m by 33m and would save the trust £300,000 compared to other sites.

Leggatts councillor Asif Khan said: “It is wanton vandalism. This is a beautiful residential area, and to build a light industrial unit here is utterly ridiculous. The trust are desecrating the green.

“The trust needs to stop these plans and start looking after Watford’s heritage, instead of destroying it.

“The Dell has been used for debased by local children to play. This short-sighted imposition will mean for at least half a decade the green can not be used.”

Brian Hart lives in nearby Brett Place. The 79-year-old said: “We just don’t want it there. It will ruin the green space of that field.

“Our views will be ruined and the residents around just don’t see why we need to have it there.”

Ben Johnson, head of property at the trust, said: “We have made every effort to minimise the impact of the compound on the local area and understand residents’ concerns.

“We have listened and have recently managed to reduce the compound in size by a third, leaving more green space available for use by residents.

“As part of the construction of the compound we are also exploring the possibility of making immediate improvements to the area for the benefit of residents, including creating additional parking spaces solely for residents’ use and providing enhanced security measures to help make the area safer.”

The plans are being considered by the council.