A young man was found dead in a hostel after overdosing on methadone, an inquest has heard.

Max Page, 22, had been taking the heroin substitute for eight days before he was found dead in his room at the Watford YMCA in October last year.

An inquest at Hatfield Coroner's Court on Tuesday heard that Max had been suffering from depression and anxiety.

He had been staying at the hostel, in Charter Place, for more than a year.

Manager Keith Hilton told the court: "He was a nice young man who admitted smoking cannabis.

"He had a history of depression and admitted previously using cocaine. We didn’t have any concerns about Max.

"He was honest about his history and was intelligent and self sufficient. He was actively trying to better himself."

The hearing was told Max had visited his GP on October 22, 2015 and was getting treatment for a heroin addiction.

He was taking small doses of methadone under supervision and was given a small amount to take at home.

Max was found dead in his room at the YMCA on October 30 after not being heard from for a couple of days.

Addressing Max's parents, Deputy Coroner for Hertfordshire Graham Danbury said it was unclear where the methadone Max took had been obtained.

Detective Constable Solomon Beere of Hertfordshire Constabulary led an investigation into the death. He told the court Max was last seen on CCTV in the hostel at around 11pm on October 27.

Max had told staff he was receiving medication for depression.

A pathologist’s report said Mr Page died as a result of a methadone overdose.

Blood tests showed traces of alcohol and evidence of previous use of heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

Recording a verdict of drug-related death, Mr Danbury said: "I am satisfied that this was an entirely unintended overdose.

"Max was new to methadone, only having taken it for a few days and I am quite sure he didn’t intend any more than to just take the drug which was going to help him come off his craving for heroin.

“This was a tragic accident. He did not intend any harm to himself in anyway.

"Carry on helping each other and think kindly of him. He was doing all he could."