A school in South Oxhey is just one of three in Hertfordshire to be chosen to do a Daily Mile to combat the child obesity epidemic,

Teachers at Woodhall School, Woodhall Lane, will do the Daily Mile to increase exercise amongst their pupils.

The children walked for 15 minutes this week, during the launch event and they will increase the distances until they are walking a mile.

The walking will be included in the school day.

Hertfordshire County Council is rolling the scheme out in the county and Woodhall School was one of three chosen.

Laura Martin, mum of Violet in year 2, said: “This is a great idea, encouraging the children to be fit and active. I think that there will be a real boost to health as well as learning. I'm bringing my trainers tomorrow.”

Tiffany Samuda, mum of Tia in year 4, South Oxhey, said: “I think it's amazing...anything that gets them active. The obvious impact will be on health, but there'll definitely be an impact in learning...concentration levels will improve and much more.”