A grandmother damaged the ligaments in her left leg when she fell in a pothole while picking up her granddaughter from school.

Diana Martin, 54, of Hartspring Lane, Bushey, went to pick up her granddaughter from Highwood Primary School, Bushey, on Wednesday July 13.

After collecting her granddaughter, who was studying at a different school due to the recent flooding, Mrs Martin fell in a pothole and damaged all her ligaments in her left leg all the way to her ankle.

She said: “I did not see the pothole. I went down on my knee and damaged my whole leg.

“The head teacher has said I should not have been in the school anyway, even though I was picking up my granddaughter at the usual time.

“I am absolutely furious with her. The head teacher was standing next to me the day after and she could not talk or look at me.

“I am so angry at her for saying it was my fault.”

As the school has been badly damaged by the recent flooding the school is not letting cars into the school premises except for staff and coaches.

Mrs Martin had to park in Highwood Avenue and then walk into the school to pick up her granddaughter.

She said another parent saw her fall down and they told the other teachers who shrugged their shoulders.

She said: “The school are not taking any responsibility for it. What would they have done if it was a child or an elderly person? They could have been really hurt.

“If I just got an apology everything would be fine. I feel like I am being fobbed off. I already have a bad back and now I have damaged my left leg.

“The fall has worsened my back problems.”

Mrs Martin’s daughter Lisa Simmons, 34, of Park Avenue, Bushey, spoke to the head teacher after the fall, and claims she just laughed in her face.

Mrs Simmons said: “The head teacher said the pothole is not going to be fixed until the rest of the school is finished.

“The head teacher has said it was my mum’s fault as she should not have been walking through the school at that time.”

Highwood Primary School has not responded to the Watford Observer's request for a comment.