The Walking Dead returns to our screens next month – but it seems the zombies may have already returned to Bushey.

A woman was spooked after spotting a “dead walker” while sauntering through Oxhey Orchard in Paddock Road allotments, on August 29.

But on closer inspection, Carolyn Storey saw the creature was not a zombie, but actually a mannequin being used as a scarecrow.

Miss Storey, of Cross Road, said: “It was deadly quiet in the field. I was at that stage where even the sound of my own footsteps was freaking me out.

“I spotted an orchard I’d not seen before so went to explore, but I looked to my right and that’s when I spotted her.

“'It’s a zombie’ I thought. I jumped ten feet. I was so terrified."

The 30-year-old artist confessed to being a fan of The Walking Dead, but said she was not expecting a real-life encounter.

She said: "Once I got over the fright I simply had to capture Maud the mannequin on my camera.

"Her zombie-like stance was chilling. But I couldn't get too close, I do get spooked by mannequins. She might just come alive."

Is this your scarecrow?