Proposals to build a temporary retail park on one of two community green spaces have been shelved thanks to opposition from unhappy neighbours.

The existing shops and flats at The Brow are due to be demolished and replaced with new retail units and social housing after plans were submitted by the Watford Community Housing Trust.

As part of those plans, it was suggested that the existing businesses based at The Brow could be temporarily relocated nearby, with Cobb Green and Blackhill touted as two possible options.

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However significant resistance from people living nearby, who cited possible increases in noise and anti-social behaviour, convinced the housing trust to abandon the idea.

Cobb Green resident Georgina Cooper said everyone was “really pleased” by the decision.

“It is good for the community to come together to oppose it, and for the housing trust to listen. Sometimes people do whatever they want to do, regardless of the residents,” she said.

However she did raise concerns about the suitability of the new redevelopment in the community.

“It is still quite an intrusion on the local area. Eight maisonettes into 37 flats and parking spaces, I think it is going to look out of place,” she said.

“We also have a lot of anti-social behaviour around The Brow but I don’t think it is going to get rid of it.”

Watford Observer:

Blackhill was suggested as a potential location for the retail park

Kim O’Donnell, who campaigned against the relocation of the retail park at Blackhill, said it was “very good news” for residents, and praised the understanding attitude of the housing trust.

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“The residents will be extremely happy. It is fantastic that the housing trust has put a lot of thought and consideration into how this would affect us,” she said.

“These past months have been a very stressful and worrying time for all local residents but we are pleased that Watford Community Housing Trust have listened to all the residents and that they have made the right decision for both Blackhill and Cobb Green residents."

Gareth Lewis, director of partnerships at Watford Community Housing Trust, added: “Having consulted widely within the local community, we have listened to residents’ concerns and concluded that we are not in a position to temporarily relocate the shops during the redevelopment of The Brow.

“There was strong opposition to both of the sites that were under consideration, so while we are disappointed that we are unable to provide alternative arrangements for the existing retailers, we are confident that our decision reflects the will of the wider local community and we are pleased to be able to respond to their wishes.”

He added: “We are continuing to work closely with the shopkeepers and have offered them all leases in the completed development.”