A “dangerous” pothole has turned a residential road into a one-way route, according to one councillor.

Residents living on Lower Paddock Road in Oxhey said the hole, which is now around five inches deep, first appeared in December and is growing bigger each day.

Hertfordshire County Council highways contractor Ringway attended last week and filled the hole but water rising up through it has since washed it out again.

Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst, who brought the pothole to the council’s attention, said that currently only one way traffic is able to pass because of the hole and the narrowness of the road combined.

Watford Observer:

He called for “urgent action” and wants Affinity Water to take ownership of the pothole, stop the leak and then resurface the road.

“It should have been sorted on Thursday. In my view it’s dangerous,” he said.

“Clearly if it freezes this will be a significant hazard.”

Water leaking from the hole and running down towards Villars Road

Hertfordshire County Council is chasing the utilities companies to take ownership of the pothole and deal with the leak.

Affinity Water said a technician was being sent to Lower Paddock Road to investigate and determine if there was a leak in the area.