Sir Elton John said Graham Taylor was like a brother to him who lectured him on his drug abuse during their time together at Watford Football Club.

The superstar singer said in a passage read at Taylor's funeral by Match of the Day commentator John Motson how much he cherished the England manager's friendship.

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In his glowing tribute, Sir Elton compared Taylor to his lyricist Bernie Taupin as a postiive influence in his life. And he noted that both were born in Lincolnshire.

Reading Sir Elton's tribute, Motson, 71, said: "Two of the most important people in my life were from Lincolnshire.

"Graham Taylor was so many wonderful things for the community and the game.

Watford Observer: New Watford FC manager Graham Taylor given the tour of Vicarage Road by Elton John 37 years ago today

"He was like a brother from the moment I first met him in my front room.

"As an influence on my life he equalled my brilliant lyricist.

"He was fiercely ambitious in his approach to football and the community. And what great things we achieved together.

"We were an unstoppable force of nature. It was like a new family, we were unstoppable. He was passionate about change.

"The last time I spoke to him he was so proud of the club and how it was today.

"We were like Batman and Robin and when he left I missed him. I made some bad decisions, but I had to let him go to Aston Villa.

"But his passion and love of the game shone through.

"Our friendship had been cast in stone and I'm proud of that. I cherished his honesty and kindness towards me which will stay with me forever."

Sir Elton then went on to describe how Graham had lectured him on his drug abuse.

Motson read: "He sat me down and gave me a lecture on my substance abuse, he said I was letting myself and the club down.

"What words they were to hear from someone you love.

"But to love someone you have to be honest and open with them and he was the most honest and open of them all.

"Because of him I have Watford etched in my soul. He is a legend in this community and in life.

"Farewell, I love you my friend."

Motson also told how England's World Cup winning captain Bobby Moore was interviewed by Elton just before offering the job of Watford manager to Taylor.

As Motson finished he reminded fans of Watford's 2-1 win over Arsenal the previous evening, adding: "he picked a good time to go out" to which the crowd cheered.

Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us, which was also sung at Taylor's wedding to wife Rita, was among the funeral service hymns.

Former England footballer Trevor Brooking was among the 400 people packed in to the church to say their final farewell to Taylor.

Taylor's daughter Karen, read a poem The Dash, which she said "summed up my dad".

The Reverend John Samways said: "Many will know the exceptional way Graham lived his 'dash.'"

Taylor's other daughter Joanna said for her father it was "family first, except on match days."

She then went on to tell a story about an expensive jacket he accidentally donated to a homeless charity when his daughter took it to a charity shop with a bundle of old coats.

Joanne added: "That was what we loved about our dad."

Granddaughter Rihanna added: "My grandad was quite a wind-up.

"He would sneak up on us and make us jump.

"Surrounded by all these women made him feel like he was always in the wrong, like when he put diesel instead of petrol in my mum's car."

Grandson Jake recalled playing football with his grandad in the back garden and told how much of an "influence on my love of football and ability to deal with disappointment" he had been.