A pothole on a Watford road has been adorned with an obscene piece of graffiti in an attempt to get the crater repaired more quickly.

The pothole in Fearnley Street was recently outlined with a crude yellow penis accompanied by a plea to “fix me”.

The vigilante’s tag appears in a similar vein to that of a “road artist” called “Wanksy”, who uses drawings of penises to “highlight the dangerous potholes that damage our vehicles and harm cyclists on a daily basis” and get them fixed more urgently.

According to the fault logging system on Hertfordshire County Council’s website, a fault of “rough, uneven of crazing surface” was reported at the spot of the pothole on November 15 last year.

However the website says it is still currently “under review” by engineers.

Ringway – Hertfordshire County Council’s highways contractor – has been contacted for comment.