Blues meets alternative rock with up-and-coming Bushey singer, songwriter and guitarist

Earlier this month a musician with an unusual sound released his new single, I Don’t Want Know More Woes.

This is the second track release from Louis Antoniou, 23, from Bushey, his debut single was titled Bad Apple.

I spoke to him to find out more…

Watford Observer:

Were you always musical?

I’ve always been musical, my mum and dad surrounded me with a wide range of genres growing up.

The Beatles and The Stones stuck and then I found a musical path from there really.

I wasn’t allowed to learn drums as they would be ‘to noisy in the house’ so the guitar was the obvious choice

Where did you go to school?

The mighty Bushey Meads

Was music encouraged in school?

Definitely, I owe a lot to my guitar teacher Ken Wood who taught lessons at school.

Sometimes I would say I had a guitar lesson, but really would just sit in one of the music rooms and zone out practising. I probably shouldn’t admit to bunking… Sorry mum.

Describe your sound?

My sound is a blend of alternative rock and postmodern blues.

I suppose there is an element of trying to blend 60s rock with modern alt music. I think am heading down a theme of dystopia.

I’m writing about this era of uncertainty, whilst also writing ‘achy-breaky’ lyrics on doomed romances.

Do you write your own music - if so, where do you find inspiration from for writing music?

I come up with the skeleton of the songs, melodies and lyrics, and present them to my support band where we all come together to produce the finished article. I have no set pattern, some days I’ll write a flurry of songs, sometimes I write lyrics first.

I find inspiration from all sorts. I’m into my poetry, I love reading and I something I do every now and then is read a newspaper and cut out quotes and headlines and mash them up to form my own lyrics, something Bowie use to do I believe. Musically, I guess I have a sound I know I’m trying to achieve so that seems to be coming naturally at the moment.

What artists inspire your music?

The Black Keys are probably top of my list, and more recently L.A Salami and Holly GoLightly. I am trying to combine my love for poetry as well so Kate Tempest is also a big source of inspiration.

What is planned for 2017?

It has been great so far. I played Dot to Dot Festvial the other week, which is held at various venues in Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester, and I’m back at YNot Festival in Pikehall, Derbyshire in late July.

I’ve just released my second single I Don’t Want No More Woes, it came out on the June 19. The ‘bluesier’ track of my two singles. This is just the beginning