Today is kicking off with a bright start, and the sunshine will be sticking around for a while with maximum temperatures of 18 °C. It’s not all good news though, as there will be a breeze making it a bit chillier out of the sunshine, and unfortunately rain is predicted in the afternoon. Showers will spread from the northwest, and may be persistent and at times heavy, so make the most of the good weather this morning.


A crash involving two cars between the M25 and the slip road for the M40 has caused major backups and police have moved the cars onto the hard shoulder. An accident where Brent Street in Hendon meets the North Circular has been cleared. Other than these incidents, be sure to prepare for the usual traffic.


A fire alert at Golders Green meant that the Northern Line Station was closed but that has since reopened and there is a good service running on other lines.