MORE than 60 street lights were found to be broken after a snap inspection.

The faulty lights are all in side roads in the South Oxhey area.

The issue emerged after Councillors Stephen Cox and Stephen King took a 15-mile, three hour tour of the estate and discovered 65 lights were out.

In Altham Way, leading to Oxhey Jets Football Ground and the swimming pool, half a dozen along were not turned on.

Birkdale Gardens had four lights out.

In total, 34 roads had one or more defect the survey revealed.

They decided to undertake the survey after the clocks went back in October.

Cllr King said: "As it gets dark earlier now it is even more important that the lights are on.

"The majority are Hertfordshire County Council’s responsibility to repair, but some are believed to belong to housing associations who we are also getting in contact with. It was a job worth doing and doing properly."